Savage Thoughts -- Abortion

By Leo Savage

There's been a lot of fussing and feuding over the whole abortion issue. In spite of the Supreme Court, things don't seem to be settled yet. Though to the casual observer (i.e. me) it's a lot closer to settled than the prolifers would have you believe.

Here's a sure sign that the prochoicers have won. The prolifers have developed a "lunatic fringe" that has descended to terrorist tactics to get their point across. When someone gets that desperate, it means they don't think anyone is listening any more. If they think they've lost, who am I to argue?

However, they're still out there harassing people and shooting at innocent bystanders, so something really ought to be done. They must be given some non-destructive way to support their own "moral imperative" without harming other people.

Fortunately, there's a very simple answer. All we have to do is pass a law that anyone who wants to can stop another person from getting an abortion, provided that they adopt the child in the womb and assume all medical bills.

This solves almost all the problems. The expectant mothers (unexpected mothers?) are relieved of the cost of childbearing and parenthood they are unwilling to accept, the children are raised by parents who do not feel burdened by a child they did not want, and the prolifers get to personally work for their beliefs.

The mechanics of it would be absurdly simple. Abortion clinics merely have to put in two waiting rooms -- one for pregnant women and one for prolifers. The prolifers would wait their turn to take charge of the next woman in line. They could even occupy their waiting time filling out the adoption forms.

Of course, cynic that I am I suspect there would be very few (if any) prolifers lining up to adopt, but that would be a solution too. It seems to me that a person's moral stand can't be very important if they're not willing to make a few sacrifices for it. In the event that I'm proven wrong about this, the prolifers will have shown the strength of their commitment and their moral courage, at which point we can open the subject for further debate.

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