Savage Thoughts -- Erotic Poetry

By Leo Savage


I can see you standing on the foredeck of a sailing ship at sunset, the wind whipping your dress around you, alternately showing and hiding your willowy form. I come up behind you and put my arms around you. You lean back into me, pressing your body against me. After the sun slips beneath the horizon, I carry you below to my cabin, where by the dim glow of a single guttering candle our bodies move together with the gentle rythmic swaying of the ship, the creaking of the massive timbers singing counterpoint to our cries.


I can see you standing in the woods by moonlight. The warm glow of a small campfire suffuses your face, gilding your gentle smile and sparkling in your eyes. The clean scent of your hair fills my nostrils as I nuzzle your neck and wrap my arms around your waist. You feel my desire rising to match your own, so you take us to a bower of leaves. There I look up and see the moonlight transform your hair into a silver aureole as our bodies move in an ancient rhythm. The rustle of leaves is lost in the roar of the wind through the treetops above us.

Ships in the Night

I can see you on the deck of a ship passing mine. Our eyes lock, we reach out as if to bridge the gap with our arms. Sadly we wave good bye. My heart aches as your ship drifts off into the dusk. Just as you fade away you smile at me. I can see the whistful sadness clearly on your lips, as if I have seen it many times before. Why does that image spring so readily to mind? Am I doomed to live among the things that can never be?

Echos in the night

I sit by a pond and gaze across the water at reflections of memories of things that never were. I hear echos of footsteps along a path not taken, and wonder where I might have gone. I dream of you appearing in the dark and walking into my arms. I remember holding you, and kissing you, and I dream that it would never end.

Sunset visions

I see you standing on a dock at sunset, the fading light glowing in your hair. I put my arms around you and kiss your neck. You lean back against me and feel the strength of my passion. You turn, and our lips meet. The heat of your desire envelopes me as our bodies merge together.

Your Gentle Touch

I bow my head and kiss the nape of your neck, giving you goosebumps. I gently stroke your arm, my fingertips just grazing the hairs on your skin. You turn to face me, your chest pressed against mine. Your hard nipples betray your passion. As you snuggle closer, my passion is betrayed also. Our fingers touch, our lips meet, our bodies join.

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