Savage Thoughts -- Comets, UFOs, and the Millenium

By Leo Savage

You like conspiracies? There's a doozy going on right now.

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with the Heaven's Gate cult. Those guys were nuts. The best favor they did for us all was to remove their genes from the gene pool. Actually, they are sort of related in a very peripheral way, but keep in mind that they were all wackos.
There is an extraterrestrial vessel approaching the Earth. It's now braking around the sun. People in government know about it, and are hiding it right in plain sight. You've probably seen it yourself.

The vessel probably entered our solar system some time in 1992, at which time it dropped several large objects (possibly empty fuel tanks) on a trajectory that would cause them to impact Jupiter in 1994. This was reported to the press as "comet Shoemaker-Levy", and was watched closely by the U.S. Government via several of our space assets, notably including the Hubble space telescope.

Consider this. It's important. We're only guessing that it was empty fuel tanks, but it really doesn't matter what they dropped. Whatever they were, there were a lot of them. Several of the objects dropped were quite large, and some we heavy enough to splash material up from deep in Jupiter's atmosphere. The vessel would not have carried them all this way if they weren't needed. They couldn't have been needed here because they were dumped as soon as the vessel arrived. Ergo, they must have been needed to make the trip. And the vessel threw them away. The inescapable conclusion is that the vessel isn't leaving. It's here for keeps.

The vessel made it's first "naked eye" visible braking pass in late 1995, passing Earth above the ecliptic. The exhause plume was visible on any clear night, especially when the vessel was passing through the constellation Ursa Major. This was reported to the press as "comet Hyakytake".

The vessel made another visible braking pass sligthly over a year later in early 1997, again passing Earth above the ecliptic. It was even brighter this time with a larger, more easily visible exhaust plume that was easily visible on any clear night, or even through light haze. This was reported to the press as "comet Hale-Bopp".

During this pass it launched several "sortie craft" that were used for low-level nighttime reconnaissance. These sortie craft are "stealthy", being extremely quiet and almost invisible except under ideal conditions.

The vessel is not finished braking yet, due to its size (or more properly its mass). The smaller sortie craft, being much lighter, were able to brake for an Earth intercept, but the main vessel will require more time. At this point we predict that the main vessel will arrive in about three years.

How can a conspiracy this large be kept a secret? Very simple. It isn't a large conspiracy. How many people are able to calculate an orbit? Out of that number, how many actually do it for any given celestial object? Once two or three observatories announce that they've done it, and if all their figures agree, who checks?

Several military people must be "in the know", though that's probably limited to a special projects branch and a very small number of higher-ranking officers. All of these people are used to keeping secrets, and face drastic penalties if caught spilling the beans.

Some people in government circles must also be aware. They have excellent (to them) reasons for keeping quiet. They don't want to start a panic. They want any benefits from contact to accrue to our country first. They don't want to be squeezed out of authority by international interests. The reasons are legion. Even at that, knowledge may be limited to a small number of high-ranking insiders plus a few specialists. There are probably only a handful of people outside of NASA that are in on it. Few (if any) elected officials may know. They are notorious for leaking stuff to the press, so they are probably being kept in the dark.

That leaves two or three astronomers who are in on the secret, because they published the doctored orbit data and other information branding the vessel as a series of comets. They may have been picked initially for their willingness to play along, and in any event can be coerced with threats to their funding.

There are other aspects to the coverup. For the last few years a lot of media attention (culminating recently with the Heaven's Gate fiasco) has been directed to linking people who see UFOs with wacko nutcases. A few years ago people who saw something strange in the sky called the police to report it. Now, anyone who sees something strange, no matter how clearly and no matter how strange, keeps their mouth shut for fear of being branded as a nut. This is the main reason why you haven't been hearing reports about the sortie craft.

Be aware, be prepared, and watch the skies.

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