Savage Thoughts -- The Drug Problem, a rebuttal

By Leo Savage

(this is a reply to a message I received)

Powerful and moving stuff. You obviously have some very strong feelings on this issue. Also, you obviously miss the point.

You describe the horrors that you see in such vivid detail, these terrible things that happen because of the drug trade. It shouldn't be like this. These things should not happen.

But they do.

And drugs are illegal.

You say you are a cop. If so, then you of all people should know better than anyone that you are powerless. The things you see are illegal, and you are a cop, so why is it still happening? Could it be, could it possibly be, that the whole approach is wrong? How could it be right? It does not work!

Your letter repeatedly documents the failings of the current "War on Drugs" mentality. If the right answer is to make drugs illegal, then why do these things go on?

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