Savage Thoughts -- The Drug Problem, a reply

By Leo Savage

Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 03:23:04 -0700
To: Leo Savage 

you know i used to think why not legalize drugs. but then i became a 
cop and what an education it has been. i wonder if the people who want 
to legalize drugs have adicts slaming drugs into their arms in front of 
their kids who are out playing.
the first time i went for a walk through a housing projectn i had a six 
year old little boy walk up and hand me a used hypodermic needle. the 
boy said sir i found this. how many of you have your kids finding 
needles in their front yard. or watch as the addicts inject themselves 
in the car ports, or watch the drug dealers sale their drugs.
unfortunatly i think most of you live in their nice safe houses in your 
nice safe nieghbor hoods. you can sit around and think of all these 
nice little ideas for other people to live by.
when i have some of these parents who well tell me the only time they 
feel safe is when i am out in front of their house i know you are 
wrong. these parents thank me for being there and arresting all the 
drug dealers and users i can. of course they usually only talk to me 
when they think no one is watching. they don't want to be killed 
now i know you are going to say something about a rehabilitaion center. 
you can't make someone get off drugs they have to want to get off 
drugs. just ask AA. believe it or not very few really want to get off 
drugs. it's hard to understand why not but they seem to like living the 
life they do. evry addict i have ever talked to all have told me the 
same thing. rehab. doesn't work. the only thing that will work is 
wanting to quite and then doing it. if you force them to clean up in 
jail they get out and head right for the drugs because they like it.
you always want to compare drugs to alcohol also. well don't becuase 
they don't. i would try to explain the fast differences but i don't 
think you really want to hear it.
then you say people on drugs don't comit violent crimes. what a safe 
little secure life you must live.
try this go down to the worst drug area you know of. rent a room and 
live there with your family for a while. let your kids see it all. in 
about a year tell me how you think other people should be forced to 
live with this shit jusr because you have an idea. 
face it bud some people are just born to be a wart on the ass on 
society. its what they do.
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